World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC): Greece is one of the first countries to welcome tourists

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Greece could be one of the first European countries to welcome tourists, the Covid-19 pandemic has just been fought, according to Gloria Guevara, President & CEO of the World Tourism and Tourism Council (WTTC).

In its new report for 2020 on the economic impact (EIR), WTTC shows that Greece continues to be one of the strongest European countries in terms of travel and tourism development last year, and that the sector will be crucial for the country's economic recovery.

In a statement, Guevara stressed how fundamental the Travel & Tourism sector was last year in the Greek economy and said that The country's government "should also be congratulated" for its incredibly fast response to COVID-19, which imposed restrictions even before the virus reached the country.

"Since then, the government has worked closely with the public and private sectors, ensuring that there are protocols and standards that are not only will lead the country to a speedy recovery, but could be one of the first European countries to welcome tourists to its shores ", he said.

The WTTC for Financial Impact Report for 2020 (EIR) emphasizes that the Travel and Tourism sector last year supported almost 850.000 jobs in Greece, corresponding to more than one in five of those employed.

«The strong growth in the country followed the successful policy of the governments that focused on the extension of the season beyond the summer, which led to an increase in the number of visitors outside the traditional summer season.", he said.

WTTC's EIR reveals that, between 2016 and 2018, Germany represented 14% of all visitors to Greecewith UK to reach 11%. Visitors from Bulgaria accounted for 10% of all travelers, with the level of Italy and Northern Macedonia at 5%.

The report shows that Tourism also produced 39,1 billion euros in GDP, or 20,8% in the Greek economy, up an incredible 12,1% from the previous year, surpassing overall economic growth for the third consecutive year.

The comprehensive report shows that this increase significantly exceeded total GDP growth in 2019, 2,2% in the same year.

The analysis in the WTTC EIR report also showed that international visitor costs totaled 21,3 billion euros. euros, which almost represent it a third (30,1%) of the country's total exports.

The report also demonstrates the nation's need for rapid recovery due to its heavy dependence on recreational spending, representing 94% of total expenditure, compared to 6% for business expenses. In addition, international spending accounted for 68% compared to 32% domestically.


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