47% of Greeks plan to spend their summer holidays this year. 45% choose a hotel!

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Nearly half of Greeks plan to take a vacation this summer, most of them in August, according to an online survey by Macedonia's MARLAB Marketing Laboratory.

The research aimed to record the intentions and preferences of Greeks in terms of their summer vacation for this year and to capture the trends in domestic tourism for next summer.

It was conducted online between April 23-25, 2020 with the scientific responsibility of the Director of MARLAB, Professor Rodoulas Tsiotsou and research associate members, Nicoletta Siamaga, Assistant Professor at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and Achilles University of Boukis University.

According to the research team, "as the gradual lifting of travel restrictions (at least in the country) has just begun, an important question is whether Greeks will be on holiday this year and under what conditions, but also under what conditions." their tourism behavior is shaped by COVID-19 ”.

According to the survey, almost half of Greeks (47%) plan to take a vacation this summer, specifically in August (65%).

Greece is the main holiday destination for Greeks this year (90%) while hotels will be their main accommodation (46%).

Half of Greeks (50%) believe they will spend the same amount of money on their summer vacation as last year.

The main reasons why 19% of the sample will not take a vacation are due to lack of money (36%), due to coronation (32%), and due to workload (22%).

90% of the sample selects Greece exclusively as a tourist destination in the summer, 7% choose Greece and abroad, while only 3% choose abroad. Regarding which time period he will take a vacation, 25% said in July (20% in the 2nd 15 days of July), 65% will take a vacation in August and 10% said they would prefer September for their vacation. The duration of their vacation will be 4 days for 5%, 5 days for 17%, 6 days for 3%, 7 days for 14%, 10 days for 12%, 15 days for 9%, and 20 days for 4%.

In terms of accommodation, 46% say they will stay in a hotel, 14% in a friend's house, 29% in a holiday home and 19% in an Airbnb.

Regarding the money they will spend, 41% of the sample stated that they will spend from 301-600 euros per person for the summer holidays, 35% will spend up to 300 euros, 15% intend to spend from 601-900 euros while 8% will exceed 900 euros per person. 50% think they will spend about the same money as last year on their vacation, 33% will spend less money, 13% much less and only 4% plan to spend more money.

It is noted that 840 people answered the questionnaire, of which 31% were men and 69% women.

Although the sample of research is small, it cannot leave the result indifferent.


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