Terms and Conditions for Using the IBNB Platform

The Terms of Use ("Terms") govern the respective rights and obligations between them platform "IBNB", a sole proprietorship based in Thessaloniki - Greece and you, and constitute a legally binding agreement ("Agreement") between us. This Agreement governes the use by you of all web pages, media and websites and any linked sites (including, the Website), the use of any ibnb for mobile phones, tablets and other smart device applications (together, "Application"), and the use of any Service by you (as defined below). Together, the site, the application and the services will be collectively defined as a "platform".

Please note that the use of the ibnb platform is also governed by other agreements, including, for example, the Privacy Policy, which is incorporated into these Terms, as well as any other policies mentioned or linked herein. In the event of a conflict between these Terms and the Privacy Policy or any other Terms or Conditions, these Terms will apply, unless expressly stated herein. Using the Platform as a visitor, userς or Member (as defined here), you agree to be bound by these Terms.


If you do not agree to these Terms, you do not have access to the Platform.

Some important points:

Members have the right to use the Platform only if they are at least eighteen (18) years old and are able to enter into legally binding contracts. With access to the Platform, Members declare and guarantee that they are eighteen years of age or older and have the capacity to enter into legally binding contracts.

Members agree to comply with applicable export control laws in the local jurisdiction of the Member and each Member declares and guarantees that (i) is not under jurisdiction subject to embargo or has been classified as a terrorist.

We may update these Terms from time to time and such changes will apply to you if you continue to use the Platform at any time after these changes are posted. Access to or use of the Platform will not be permitted unless you agree to the updated Terms. We will notify you of any changes made to these Terms by changing the "Last Update" date at the end of these Terms. Check for any changes and if you do not accept them, stop using the platform.


"Account" means that the account to be created for a person is allowed to become a Member and have access to the Services offered by the Platform.

"Exchange" means an exchange of residence between a host member with another host member, administrator, host or and guest member.

"User name" means the username chosen by the Member when creating his for account to allow him access to his Account.

"Access code" means the password chosen by the Member when creating his for account to allow him to access his Account.

"Registration" means anything ad residenceς, businessς the companyς described in the Platform and published by a Member, including any User Content used to describe this Registration. Each entry has a unique identification number on the platform.

"Member" means any person who subscribes to the Platform creating any category entry and thus, accepts these Terms.

"Reception member" means a member who offers his or her home for exchange.

"Member visitor" means a member who enters into an exchange with a host member

"User" means anyone making use of part or all of the services

of the platform.

«Host»Means a member who offers his residence for exchange or rent.

«Admin» means a member who has logged in to the platform.

«Customer or Visitor or Traveler»Means a member entering an exchange, renting or using the services with a host member.

"Certified Member" means a member whose home address and identity (name and surname) have been confirmed by your ibnb through the procedure verification tth.

"Residence or Accommodation»Means any residence or tourist accommodation in real estate (including, without limitation, campers, boats, caravans and other permanent constructions), which a Member has the legal and / or contractual right to offer through the Platform.

"Service" or "Services" means any service provided by your ibnb to Member through the Platform, either for free or on a subscription basis, including without limitation of the Service free viewing.

"Service Registration»Means the υsubscriptions based on subscription or not offered byn administrator of an entry and includes add-ons υmore fully described here.

"Agreement" means the agreement between you and us that incorporates these Terms, the Privacy Policy and any other as amended from time to time in the manner prescribed herein.

"We", "us" and "us" means the company ibnb.

"E.σύ"," You "," you "," eyour»Means any Member who uses the Platform in any way, either by access, on the Websites, on the Application or on the Services.

The ibnb platform is currently a search and promotion platform, an electronic "golden guide" that allows its users and all kinds of professionals connected to the tourism industry (such as, for example, accommodation managers, hoteliers, plumbers, electricians, lawyers, lawyers). , accountants, restaurant businesses, doctors of any specialty, etc.) to communicate directly, in order to provide the services offered by professionals to users. Ibnb itself does not provide any of the services displayed through its platform, but only creates a channel of communication between users of the platform and professionals, through encrypted conversations. Only the latter are responsible for the quality of the services they will provide and only with them the respective user of the platform is conventionally connected.

Ibnb is not contractually affiliated with any user of the Platform, nor does it provide any warranty with respect to professionals, individuals, legal entities, companies and any other legal, corporate or entity entity that choose to promote its services, accommodation and business through her.

Create Account

To register on the Platform, you must first create an Account by providing the personal information that your askare (including, without limitation, name and surname, date of birth, telephone number and email address). Members must update their account details at all times. THE ibnb is in no way responsible for information transmitted by Members and may be erroneous or fraudulent. To sign up, you must: (i) be eighteen (18) years old when registering your account. (ii) haveeither the legal or contractual right to offereither the Residence your through the Platform and continueeither to haveeither this right when using the Platform by you; and (iii) eeither the power to constituteeither rent or exchange ownership or offering services or products. In addition, a member account is intended for the exclusive, personal use of that member and the accounts may not be created for business or other commercial purposes.

Η ibnb reserves the right to refuse (without justification and without appeal or compensation) the registration of any Member Account for any reason, at any time, in the sole and absolute discretion ofth.

When registering, members will choose a username and password, which can be changed through the control profile of the member. Each member is solely responsible for the username and password and agrees to keep them confidential and not disclose them to anyone for any reason. Each member is solely responsible for any use of any third party of the username or password of a member and for any actions or statements made through his account by a third party, whether fraudulent or not, and will compensate your ibnb against any claim related to it. In addition, η binb bears no responsibility for identity theft of any member. If a Member has reason to believe that a third party is illegally using the Member's identity or otherwise using the Member's account in an unauthorized manner, the Member must notify immediately. your ibnb. In case of loss or theft of a user's name or a member's password, the member must immediately change his / her username and / or password and the member will be solely responsible for any losses related to such loss or theft.

You agree to create and / or use only one account. Any exception to this rule must have the prior written approval of tth ibnb. Any accounts created in breach of the above are subject to immediate suspension and / or termination.

Please note that the use of the Services by Members provided on the Platform will not be construed.they are as an employee, agent, consortium or partner ibnb for for whatever reason, and that all Members act exclusively for their own benefit at their personal, corporate or business level. Η ibnb does not control or direct in any way and the member and each member acknowledges and agrees that he has full discretion for whether to publish a listing or not. make an exchange, use the services of a registered company or purchase products from a registered company.

If you registerήSet up your account using a third-party social networking service, you can disable the connection between the social networking account and tth ibnb, by going to your account settings.


Entries must be εare updated for the exact conditionor them from host members, including the following information:

All Content Profile User included in the Registerηnote.

Description, location and availability dates through synchronization.

Deficiencies, restrictions (including any rules that apply to members) and

Any other information requested by tM ibnb.

A House can only appear in the Account of a Member, even if several people hold the title of that House.

Any specific terms or conditions relating to the registration of a member may not be inconsistent with these Terms.

H ibnb reserves the right to request the inclusion of certain minimal information in any entryηnote and that the information enteredηare presented in a specific form.

The placement of the registersήsearch results of ibnb may vary and depends on a variety of factors related to the details of the listing and the specific search of the guest member. H ibnb does not provide any warranty regarding the specific placement of an entryηmember in search results.

All Members declare and guarantee that the publication of the RegisterηMember and any acceptance of Exchange or Rent for Housing Member will not violate any agreements made by this Member with any Association of Co-Chairs, Association of Homeowners, Cooperation Agreements or other such agreements, and (i) comply with any laws, including laws on zones or tax requirements. license or other forms of legal licenses, or by other laws, rules or regulations in force for residence or registrationηnote. All host members are responsible for their own actions or omissions or for any persons present at the residence, except the visiting member and his guests.

Deactivate or Delete Account from ibnb

In the event that a Member acts in breach of these Terms or whichoany other rules or regulations issued by your ibnb, or displays conduct contrary to the rules of our good conduct, values ​​or ethics, or violates any law, rule, regulation or any other legal order issued by a competent jurisdiction, the ibnb reserves the right, without justification and without compensation, to perform:

  • restricting members' access to the platform;

  • catdelay whichυanything containedομέnoυ user hosted on the platform.

  • deletion one accountthe.

    The following behaviors are strictly prohibited and may result in account closure:

  • Providing false or misleading information when registering an account.

  • Providing false or misleading user content;

  • Create multiple accounts for the same entry.

  • Creating fake accounts.

  • Violation of the rights (including copyright) of third parties;

  • Posting on the Platform or otherwise distributed to other Members or fM ibnb, any defamatory, violent, abusive, harassing, obscene, threatening, sexist, pornographic, racist, homophobic, discriminatory, otherwise illegal or, in general, controversial material or content.

  • Acting with discrimination against any other Member or other third party;

  • Counterfeiting of any person or entity or false statement or false presentation of your relationship with any person or entity.

  • Sending unwanted commercial e-mails or other communications (spamming)

  • Diversion of members from the platform or monitoring of members on social networks for commercial purposes.

  • Upload or transfer any files that contain viruses, corrupted files, Trojan horses, malicious code, spyware or any other software or programs that may harm computers, property, or other rights of the Tripartite or others.

  • Publication or distribution, in any form, of information or content resulting in the reduction, disorganization or prevention of the provision of Services or interference with the proper operation of the Platform.

  • Interference with another member's account.

  • Using πillegal software or other means used to access the Platform and collect the content of the Platform for any purpose.

  • Collection or acquisition in any other way or useοany information about others, including email addresses, without consent.

  • Bypass measures aimed at preventing or restricting access to the platform

  • Including hyperlinks in a list.

  • Exchange of residence outside the platform when this residence is mentioned on the platform;

  • Collecting or providing information on members' vacation periods in order to encourage burglary;

  • Abuse of any residence offered for exchange by members;

This list is not restrictive and η ibnb reserves the right to remove, without notice or other notice, any User Content or Member which is not compatible with the rules in force on the Platform and / or which would undermine the security of the platform or other Members.

Η ibnb may close the member's account without notice or official notice. Closing an Account for breach of these Terms, the ibnb does not waive his right to any damages which he may otherwise claim in respect of such infringement.

Closing a Member's account after violating these Terms will result in termination of the Member's current subscription, if any, without the right to a refund, even partial.

H ibnb reserves the right to disconnect, terminate, delete or clear your account, any relevant entriesήyou and any relevant information from our platform and servers, unless you are logged in to the platform for a specified period of time, as determined by us in our sole discretion.

The Member will be notified via email for the closing of his Account.

Closing Account by itself weepyς

Members of the Platform may, at any time and for any reason, nα terminate their registration on the Platform deleting it Accountsό of fM ibnb, free of charge, following the procedures mentioned inn platform.

Requesting a Member to close an Account or the deletion of that Account, will not result in a refund, even partial, of the amounts paid on this Account.

By closing a Member Account and / or any other termination of these Terms, the clauses of those Terms that reasonably should remain after from termination will remain in force.

Κριτικές & Comments

Regarding the legality, quality and safety or even the very existence of the accommodation and all kinds of services, ibnb is not able to verify or control them.

The same applies to the reviews and photos posted on ibnb of the accommodation and services displayed, the truth of which is not guaranteed in any way. However, it reserves the right, especially in the event of the publication of reviews with illegal, abusive, defamatory or generally undesirable content, to delete them immediately, by contacting the user who published them, in order to inform him of the exact reason for the deletion. .

We encourage the submission of comments, remarks and criticism, in the context of an open, fruitful, constructive and healthy system of expression.

Given this, we invite you to share your experience publicly, through a healthy review. We reserve the right to remove comments that are abusive, vulgar, blackmailing, threatening, harassing, defamatory, biased, with false content, confidential information of another person, regardless of the objectives of this platform, as well as any comments that terms of use and policies.

In any case where you believe that the content of a comment or review hosted on our platform violates or otherwise violates our terms of use, please contact us immediately.

Other clarifications

To access the ibnb platform and use or register an account in order to promote the accommodation you manage or other services related to the tourism you provide, you must be a natural person at least 18 years old or a legal entity legally established and not deprive for any reason your legal capacity.

To register an account that will allow you to promote accommodation or services, you must provide the required information from the relevant form accurately and honestly.

If you are registering an ibnb for a legal entity, you must have the power to manage and represent that legal entity. As easy and simple as the process of creating / registering an account on ibnb is, it is just as easy to delete or deactivate it, an option provided by the account settings tab.

Each ibnb user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of the access details in his account and is not allowed to disclose it to third parties. If an unauthorized use of ibnb account is detected, the user must inform ibnb without delay to temporarily disable the account and reactivate it by contacting its authorized user.

In addition, since each user of the platform is solely responsible for the content of all his posts on the platform, you responsibly declare that you are the sole and undisputed beneficiary of all the contents of your posts on the ibnb platform, or alternatively you have all the rights. and the consent required for their posting. Note that you must post Listings with accurate and not misleading content, which correspond to reality and, especially for the promotion of accommodation, to reflect its situation during the time the post was made.

For Listings with inaccurate or misleading content, as well as for Listings which for obvious reasons are posted with identical content more than once, there will be the possibility of reference by users and subtraction in case of confirmation of the report.

Given the increased difficulty of verifying each user on the internet, ibnb does not assume any responsibility for confirming the identity of any member or professional user. In addition to the above, for precautionary purposes, it may, without necessarily requiring, to request in some cases, especially when there are reasonable doubts to verify the identity of a use, to display some personalized identity or other information. The only verification it performs when creating a profile from a user is the email that it uses and logs on to the platform by sending a related verification link to it.

Subscription Packages

Ibnb charges its services in the form of subscription packages based on time, size and viewing information selected by a member who manages one or more entries, for the promotion of accommodation, the promotion of professional services, experiences, as well as companies active in tourism.

In addition, for the program ibnb Swap Accommodation, accommodation on an annual basis, is 15 euros. If a member has already purchased any subscription package other than "free", this service is not charged extra, depending on the duration of the specific subscription package selected by the member.

Η ibnb upon purchase of a specific subscription package by the administrator of a listing and if the necessary conditions are met, he may, after or without notice, promote a listing on the business pages and on social networks tα whichα has.

Enhanced viewing packages

For professionals or natural persons who wish to promote accommodation and services on preferential terms, ie by displaying their entries in a privileged position on the search engine of the platform, there is the possibility of purchasing two special promotional packages, exclusive and elite. For all the above subscription and promotion packages, the features and prices are posted in detail on the platform.

Signal Protection

Ibnb, the content of the platform, as well as the content of its users' posts, are protected in whole or in part by copyright and trademark law. You hereby acknowledge and agree that ibnb and its contents, including all related intellectual property rights, are the sole property of ibnb. You undertake not to use, reproduce or modify the content of ibnb in a manner that is contrary to its operating principles.

Message Exchange Service & Communication in general

Η ibnb provides Members with a free messaging service, αe-mail reservation and sending requests, for the purposes of facilitating the rental of accommodation (short-term, long-term or tourist), the provision of services from the registrations of its members, the purchase of products from the registrations of its members or the exchange of accommodation.

The messaging service is automated and therefore, η ibnb does not interfere in any way.

Members are solely responsible for any information notified through of the aforementioned ways of communication in ibnb. Any information shared between Members in the messaging service, requeste-mail or e-mail in no case do they bind it ibnb in no way and the latter does not guarantees the accuracy or completeness of the information.

Data Confirmation & Verification

Η ibnb will request verification of the name and address of each member when the member creates an account. All members must provide proof of address and a form of identification when the member creates an account. H platform reserves the right to accept or reject the supporting documents for verification in its sole discretion. In no case is a member considered verified by ibnb, which bears no responsibility for the above information which is declared voluntarily by the users of the platform.

Members may also have the option to verify their phone number and email address.

Precisely because the information entered by a Member, such as the email address and phone number, even if verified, the ibnb does not guarantee the accuracy of any content provided by this Member, nor does it guarantee the accuracy of any Registration. H ibnb does not provide any approval or confirmation regarding verified members or their registrations.

Σrecording equipment (security cameras)

All our members must inform for the possible existence of security cameras or other recording devices, whether activated or not, in or around their home.

At the same time, any recording device in specific private areas, such as bathrooms and bedrooms, is completely prohibited, regardless of the existence of the above information.

Responsibility Exclusion

Η ibnb has no responsibility in case of contact of visitors with third party suppliers of goods or services advertised in ibnb.gr and for any trade or other relationship that may arise between them.

Η ibnb, without guaranteeing and therefore being responsible, makes every effort to post correct information and data on all its pages. ibnb.gr. In no case is he liable for any damage he wanted to cause to his visitor ibnb.gr, indicatively due to inaccuracy or incompleteness of the content, actions of third parties, etc.

The content and information contained in ibnb.gr are in no way, directly or indirectly, an indication for action or omission nor can they support or be allowed to be used for any such purpose, expressly excluding any liability ofth ibnb.

Η ibnb in no case does it undertake, and therefore is not responsible for, the uninterrupted and error-free provision of its services and / or content. ibnb.gr, nor the absence of malicious software from third parties, viruses or other harmful information, whether it is for his web portal ibnb.gr, or for another site or server, through which its content is obtained.

Η ibnb does not control or be responsible for the availability, content, privacy policy, quality and completeness of the services of other websites and pages controlled by third parties (natural or legal persons), which the visitor chooses to visit through hyperlinks or banner ads hosted on ibnb.gr. Therefore, for any problem that arises during their visit / use, visitors must address directly to the respective sites (web sites) and pages. THE ibnb in no case does it adopt or accept the content or services of these sites and pages, nor is it linked to them in any other way.

Organizing parties and events

Any event or event or party that violates the common quiet hours (as such are regulated by current national law), disrupts the neighborhood relationship and causes damage, damage and vandalism to foreign property, is explicitly and categorically prohibited.

Cancellation policy

The cancellation policy governing any booking made through communication on the platform ibnb, lies exclusively in the accommodation itself and the registration administrator. THE ibnb At no stage and for no reason is it intervened in the completion of a reservation, but it provides the greatest possible view so that the customer or the traveler or the visitor can come in direct contact with the administrator of a listing, regardless of category.
ibnb is unable to know whether a reservation, exchange transaction between its members, was successful.

To It should be noted that for this policy the extraordinary due to ¨COVID-19¨ circumstances. For them, you can refer to similarly Fthe protection policy of each accommodation, business or professional.

Additional Requirements For All Members

To create a reliable and secure environment and a safeguard framework, we ask all our members to comply with certain basic requirements:

  • We ask for reliability, authenticity and honesty in providing your information. Your reliability especially in terms of your personal data and the condition of your home is extremely important for us.

  • Avoid unjustified cancellations.

  • Maintaining a high level of quality in your stay.

  • Observance of all necessary and prescribed rules of hygiene and individual responsibility, contributing to the protection of public health and the world community.

  • Respect for foreign property, data, personal belongings, privacy, personal correspondence and the copyright of others.

  • Respect for public spaces.

  • Respect for the property and privacy of your neighbors. And of course don't be a source of annoyance to them.

It should be noted that in case of repeated or serious violations, it is not excluded that we will resort to the solution of suspending or deactivating accounts.


At regular intervals, this policy may be subject to changes - updates, so that it complies with the current legal or regulatory obligations, as well as with the new standards that are evolving over the years.

For any changes or additions, we will inform you immediately.

At the same time, you are also invited, in turn, to check, occasionally, our website, while for the resolution of any relevant question, you can contact us, as below.

ΤHelical Provisions & Applicable law

Following all of the above, we would like to inform you that we take all necessary precautions, both technically and organizationally, to prevent the loss or misuse of your personal data, as well as the alteration of your legitimate and justified interests.

This policy is governed by and construed in accordance with applicable Greek law.

Thessaloniki, Saturday, May 30, 2020

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