Huge Agreement! | Greece and 10 other countries for safe travel within the EU

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Eleven EU Member States, including Greece, agreed on Monday on a set of principles for ensuring freedom of safe travel within the EU, after the Covid-19 pandemic, through the broader possible coordination of tourism policies and the gradual lifting of border controls.

The agreement was announced after a teleconference between the foreign ministers Bulgaria, Cyprus, Spain, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Austria and Slovenia.

"Free movement and travel across Europe is a fundamental part of the European plan," the ministers said in a joint statement.

According to guidelines recently announced by the European Commission for the Restoration of Tourism and Transportation in the period after Covid-19, the agreement between the ministers focuses on a gradual and coordinated approach to lifting controls at internal borders for citizens. to move freely in the Union and in addition to be able to return to their homelands.

Four Principles

According to the joint statement, four principles were agreed:

- A step-by-step approach, coordinated and agreed between EU Member States, to achieve gradual normalization of cross-border travel.
- Exploring ways that travel allows, while avoiding the increase in infections (coronavirus).
- Ensure that EU citizens can not only travel freely within Europe, but also return safely to their homeland. "Therefore, we need to coordinate closely on the conditions for lifting the restriction and quarantine rules and on the restoration of transport services. It will also be important to work for a common understanding of health-related standards and procedures. "
- Restoration of cross-border freedom of movement can be achieved gradually, provided that current positive trends continue to lead to comparable epidemiological situations in countries of origin and destination.

«We urge tourism businesses and relevant private entities to use the appropriate precautionary measures in the coming weeks to protect travelers as soon as freedom of movement and travel is restored. We believe that this is a crucial element for rebuilding public confidence in travel safety. ", Said the joint statement.

In addition, the ministers expressed their "common goal" to coordinate their rapprochement between European partners as closely as possible - although the situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic still differs from country to country - in order to restore the free traffic and safety travel in the near future.

A second conference call is expected on Tuesday, May 19, among all the foreign ministers of the region (EU member states and the countries of the Western Balkans) to discuss the careful return to normalcy and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Speaking to RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND) on Monday, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias stated that Greece managed to remain a safe country for its citizens during the pandemic.

«We also want it to remain safe for tourists - our guests, whom we hope to welcome to enjoy the beautiful summer of Greece again this year.", he said.

The coronavirus has infected 2.836 people in Greece so far and the death toll has risen to 165, still among the lowest among EU member states.

The country entered Stage 3 on Monday to lift the Covid-19 restrictions.


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Author: Nikos Krinis

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