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A house everywhere

With the new way of staying through accommodation exchange you can travel anywhere

Cheaper than ever

Your stay in all the accommodations of the swap program is flexible, without commitments & completely free

Swap community

Become an active member of our community &
never stop traveling, just as you only have dream of

Travel there where you couldn't..until today

Exchange your accommodation with another host and travel like never before!

The exchange takes place by an agreement between the hosts and without the intervention of us.

The type and size of the accommodation does not play a role in the process. The exchange is only in your hand!

Sign up & get started

All you have to do is enter your space.

Then you choose the accommodation that interests you and you can contact immediately, with no hidden charges, extra accommodation costs or commitments!

You can download for free here here The The Special Private Agreement and Information Form in the context of our undivided effort to ensure for you an ideal and wonderful experience.

The form is signed by both hosts, sending it by regular mail or e-mail, enhancing mutual trust for a completely trouble-free stay!

Save money

Enabling the swap subscription package with 15 € / year,

your stay in any swap accommodation isι completely free!

Keep your money for the activities and not for the place where you will stay!

For entries that already have one of the subscription packages basic or business , the service swap provided at no extra cost, for as long as this subscription is valid!

Experience a new unique way of vacation

Exchange your accommodation and don't stop traveling. Now you can too!

Enjoy your next vacation for free!

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