The privacy of the personal data of the users of our platform and their protection are a key priority for ibnb. Our goal is to make you feel happy and secure when browsing our website, so that you consider our compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation as a feature of user-oriented quality.

Please take some time and read carefully this protection policy, as it informs you of your rights and the way and scope of your data processing by ibnb, which has fully complied with the CPC, since:

  • We ensure the confidentiality and security of your data on a continuous basis, both at the level of infrastructure and at the level of internal organization and information - training of the ibnb human resources.
  • We maintain full transparency, legitimacy and objectivity in the way we collect, manage and update your data.
  • We use only the data that is absolutely necessary for the proper operation of our platform and only for purposes we have already communicated to you.
  • We do not pass on data to third parties - irrelevant to ibnb's purposes - nor do we ever sell them.
  • We only work with trusted partners who follow similar practices with us and comply with the CIS requirements.
  • We make sure that the updates we send you electronically can be useful for using the platform you wish to do without disturbing your trust, time and privacy. If you do not wish to, the sending of these updates may be interrupted in some cases.
  • We respect your rights and we always try to satisfy your demands as far as possible without neglecting our legal and operational obligations as well as the ibnb goals.

The Regulation requires that any information provided to the data subject regarding the processing of data be in a concise, transparent, comprehensible and easily accessible form. For this reason, our website http://ibnb.gr is easy to browse, contains useful information both for our platform and the services we provide, as well as for the property managers, professionals and businesses running through it, and easy to use forms for communication. Transactions and browsing on our site are done through a secure server with standard SSL encryption protocol with 256-bit encryption. Users of our website who are minors have access to its services solely with the consent of their parents and / or guardians. Should the above conditions not be met, these minors should refrain from any attempt to use our platform services. If we find that the platform is used by minors, the personal data of minors will be deleted immediately and the transaction will be considered void.

Which personal data do you collect?

All that is absolutely necessary for creating a profile on our platform and for carrying out the tasks related to posting ads and informing and supporting our customers about the services we provide. At most, these data are as follows:

  • User name / surname,
  • communication telephone (fixed and / or mobile),
  • email address,
  • billing address (country, city, street, number, PO), as long as the user purchases a preferential promotion package
  • AMA, ESA or MTEE
  • VAT and DYY, if the invoice is selected as a document, in the case of purchase of a preferential promotion package.

With regard to website Our, collects personal data:

a) when you register with it,

b) when you register in its contact form,

c) when you sign up to receive our newsletter,

d) when using the on-line / message boards of our website,

e) when creating a profile for to register one entry,

f) when you visit its pages and / or enter its promotional / advertising programs,

ζ) when participating in competitions.

The personal information collected is the minimum required for the completion of the above actions, which are identification data and contact information with you.

In addition to the above personal data, it is possible to collect and process information related to your computer, your visits to our website and your activity, in order to properly create the connection, the comfortable use of our website and its security. system (eg IP address, date and time of access, type and version of its navigator, operating system, preferred pages, etc.), information provided when completing your profile on the website or in linked applications, such as social media, and any other personal information you choose to send to our website. Of course, they will only be used if the current legal framework allows it.

If you do not allow us to collect your aforementioned personal data for the purposes listed here, we may not be able to provide you with our services in the best possible way.

We do not collect special categories of your personal data, ie data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs or trade union membership, as well as genetic data, biometric data with the aim of indisputably identifying a person, data on health or data concerning (Article 9 or 1 CPSD) or data relating to criminal convictions and offenses (Article 10 CIS).

How and why do we use your personal information?

Only when their use is necessary for the overall realization of the purpose of our platform, other than providing top quality tourism-oriented services (providing promotional and information services for all types of professionals related to the industry). tourism, such as accommodation managers, plumbers, electricians, lawyers, accountants, restaurant companies, doctors of all specialties, etc., pricing when purchasing a pre-paid package firing, complaint management, facilitation of communication between the platform user and the tourism professional, etc.), and when its use is necessary to comply with our legal obligation (but not limited to filing invoices for accounting and tax purposes), Article 6 (1) (b), (c) and (g). In addition, we use your personal information in the management of our website and related security applications (to prevent fraud), as well as to provide third parties with statistical information about you, but not the recipients of such information. they can identify you.

Advertising - marketing - newsletters

If you give us your explicit consent and depending on the personal data you have given us, we create through your website your user profile, based on your browsing history and preferences and your personal interests, and we send you promotional advertisements related to the activity (via e-mail, SMS, Viber, etc.) or newsletters via e-mail, for services, for offers and competitions. The legal basis for these actions is Article 6 para. 1 a 'and fCCP. At any time you can stop receiving updates from us either by using the relevant e-mails link at the end of the e-mails or by telephone contacting our company or by sending e-mail to our e-mail address [Email protected].

Participation in contests

You have the possibility through our website or through our newsletter or via ibnb pages on social media to participate in competitions. The personal data you provide in the course of your participation in one of our competitions will be used solely for the purpose of completing the competition (eg winners notice, winners notice, gift delivery, etc.) and we will process them only for this purpose and if you have given us your consent, which you may revoke with force for the future at any time, either by telephone contacting our company or by sending an e-mail to our e-mail address [Email protected] Transmission of this data to third parties is generally excluded; it is only exceptional if this is required for the purpose of the tender (eg sending gifts through a partner carrier). Upon completion of the competition and the announcement of the winners, the winners' data will be kept for the entire period during which warranty claims can be made in order to allow repair or replacement of installed equipment in the event of a defect.

Use cookies

Cookies are in simple wording small pieces of code that record your moves when navigating our site and are divided into:

  • those that are necessary to identify and / or maintain content that a subscriber / user enters during a session on a site throughout the duration of that connection (e.g., filling in an online form for the purchase of a specific product up to clicking the "Add to Shopping Cart" button). Persistent cookies, which are installed for the same purpose and remain installed for several hours, are also included in the same category.
  • those installed for the purpose of subscriber / user security, such as, for example, those that detect repeated failed attempts to enter a user's account from a particular website.
  • those who "remember" the subscriber / user's choices about the presentation of the web page (eg choosing a language or presenting search results on a web page).
  • plug-ins installed on social networking sites, and sharing content between certified members who have already logged in.
  • those installed for the purpose of advertising by the provider of the first party cookie site, and those installed by others (e.g., advertising networks) through the third party cookies.
  • those installed by others (e.g., advertising networks) through the third party cookie and are necessary for other purposes (eg market research and analysis, improvement of advertised products, etc.) and are not directly related to user recognition .
  • those that are installed for web analytics.
  • By using our site, you will need to agree on the types of cookies you allow us to install. By entering the homepage of our platform, you are aware of the relevant settings for using cookies and how to disable them or not.

Prohibiting the transmission of your data to third parties as a rule

By way of exception, your data is processed by our specially authorized persons. These persons are selected attentive, fully controlled by us and contractually bound in accordance with Article 28 CIS. Additionally, for the processing of your installation, we may be required to pass on any or all of our components to our third party counterparts (eg, security systems manufacturers, equipment suppliers). They may act either as intermediaries or as auditors (eg lawyers, accountants, credit institution through which a transaction has taken place), and / or may be companies that take over the transfer of products, professional marketing and advertising service providers, website support, optimization and hosting, payment control services, cybercrime, consumer protection services and the avoidance of electronic fraud in cases of malicious use, as well as social networking tools, if you choose to connect your account with them on our website. If it is necessary in one individual case to transfer your personal data to another person, for some specific reason, we will inform you in order to obtain your consent. We do not pass on your personal data to recipients outside the European Union.

Security of your personal data

We have effectively put in place both technical and organizational measures designed to implement the principles of personal data protection and the incorporation of the necessary guarantees into the processing in order to meet the requirements of the CIS and to protect your rights. In addition, we take all necessary measures to ensure that only the personal data necessary for the processing purpose are processed. We have active procedures for controlling potential violations of personal data and, if any, we will immediately notify you and the competent supervisory authority.

How long do we keep your personal information?

The computer network and software used by ibnb are structured to minimize the use of your personal information and identity information. These data are processed only to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes stated in this Policy and stored for as long as is strictly necessary for the achievement of the specific purposes pursued. In any case, the criterion used to determine the storage period is based on compliance with the deadlines allowed by the current legal framework and the principles of minimizing data processing, the limitation of storage and rational management of our company file . If there is no good reason to maintain for a longer period of time, your data is generally kept for one year, starting with each change in your activity.

Your rights under the CIS

If you are a resident of a Member State of the European Union, you have the following simple wording:

  • The right to information on how we use your personal information
  • The right of access, that is to say, copies of your personal data we keep
  • The right to correct your personal data that is incomplete or inaccurate
  • The right to delete (forget the right) your personal data, unless there is a legal reason that prohibits it
  • The right to restrict the processing of your personal data
  • The right to the portability of your data, that is, you are entitled to request a copy thereof in a common file format and forward it to another company
  • The right to object to the processing of your personal data (eg for direct marketing purposes)
  • The right of the data subject not to be subject to a decision taken solely on the basis of automated processing, including profile training, which produces legal effects affecting you or significantly affecting you
  • The right of complaint to the competent data protection supervisory authority

How you exercise these rights is subject to specific regulations. You do not have to pay any amount to access your personal data unless your claim is manifestly unfounded, repeated or excessive, so our refusal to comply with it will be justified. Note that we may request some additional information to confirm your identity in the event of a request to access your data or in the event of any other rights being exercised as a security measure that your personal data will not be disclosed to third parties. Your requests will be answered within one (1) month at the latest. If more time is required due to complexity or a large number of requests, we will inform you in good time.

Please check at regular intervals for any changes. It is governed and interpreted in accordance with Greek law. If you are a consumer, you can take any legal action regarding these terms before the competent court of your place of residence or the competent court of the headquarters of ibnb in Thessaloniki. If ibnb wants to act against you as a consumer, we can only do so in the courts of jurisdiction of your residence. If you are a professional, you agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Greek courts and, in particular, the courts of Thessaloniki.

Additional Rules and Security Keys

Anti-discrimination policy

With this platform we are committed to creating a community where every person, regardless of race, gender, color, nationality, origin, disability, religion, personal preferences, culture, sexual orientation, family or property status, will feel respected and respected.

In general, we are committed to making every effort to combat all the phenomena of prejudice, discrimination and lack of tolerance / understanding / respect observed on our platform.

For any questions regarding your obligations arising out of this policy, please contact us.

  • Exercise of Rights

Regarding the exercise of your above rights, you can contact the Data Protection Officer as below. In this case, however, it is possible to ask you for some further information in order to verify your identity.

We will inform you immediately about the progress of your request.

Contact the Protection Officer (DPO)

Saving your personal information is important to us. In view of this, we have appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPD) to whom you may address any issue relating to the processing of your data.

A person who can be contacted for any questions you may have regarding the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy or the exercise of any of your rights under the CIS is the individual business under the ibnb distinction, the legal representative of which is Balla Niko's Erda.

Contact info:

- tel: 2310318159 & 6944694428

Email: [Email protected]

Thessaloniki, Saturday, May 30, 2020

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