The 1st official presentation of IBNB in ​​Athens

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With a highly successful presence her team, officially confirmed the huge interest that exists for its platform since its launch in 07/2019.

On our 2nd Bnbguest Conference Hosted at the Divani Caravel Hotel in Athens, hosted by SMART PRESS SA, the platform for the first time presented its benefits and immense utility for homeowners as well as hoteliers.


Early on Saturday 25/01, the interview of the spokesman and Co-founder Mr. STELIOR STEFANOU, he focused attention, gathering eyes and attention in the crowded plenary hall. Questions of all material from the Vice-President of the Organizing Committee, Mr. Stathis Karopoulos, as well as numerous queries from the public, were answered in a clear and straightforward manner, leaving no room for further clarification.

At the ibnb exhibition booth, n Earth Christina Balla Managing Director and Co-founder, she welcomed hundreds of interested professionals and non-profits, presenting in detail the functions and benefits of the new Greek tourism promotion and booking platform.

Presentation & Goals:

The rest of the ibnb team consisting of Gregory Mano , Elena Karofyllakis and Ioannis Topalidis, compiled the puzzle of successfully presenting the platform to attendees, solving any query on a technical, functional and marketing level.

On Sunday 26/01, the Platform Workshop was held, where the keynote speaker was Mr. TELIORIDIS Stefanos developing in every detail the aims and practical application of ibnb in the tourism industry. In addition, it has been announced for the first time that it is cooperating with SOFOS SA. with its representative Mr. George Sofo. The latter analyzed the data for the timely and valid "protection" of accommodation, businesses and travelers regarding insurance benefits and coverages, for reservations made through the ibnb platform and beyond.

Finally, the representatives of the first Greek promotion and booking platform, committed to the continuous development and improvement of the quality of their services and services, always in the interest of the Greek manager and hotelier.

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