At the moment, ibnb is not a direct booking platform, but a search, promotion and communication channel between the customer and the customer. accommodation, professional or business.

Customers have the ability contact the registrar directly or they can send a reservation request and the latter in contact with them, completes a reservation, an agreement or a business appointment, in any way they wish.

Please be reminded that off-platform bookings regarding the category of accommodation are stated on the respective website of AADE. having the obligations set forth by POL.1013 / 2014, as applicable. In practice, these leases are stated in a Real Estate Lease Information Statement.

The commission for both the visitor and the accommodation manager is 0%, regardless of the number of bookings.
In this way the cost of managing a tourist accommodation is drastically reduced, while at the same time a new tourist channel is created to the projected accommodation or business and in fact completely free!
But of course! If you belong to one of the above categories of businesses, you can be featured on the 1st Greek tourist platform and in fact maximizing your profits. For the above tourist accommodation, it is recommended to enter each type of room at once, under the same management profile. This way, interested customers will contact you, as they will know your room type and fullness from the start. (there is a scope for synchronizing with other platforms when creating an entry)

The packages enhanced exclusive & elite view, of the ibnb platform, are optional and place a list at the top of the search results. Their duration is monthly, 6 months and 12 months, depending on the package that will be purchased.
The elite listings are placed at the top of the results, followed by the exclusive listings and then the basic listings. Contact us for more information.

The interested party can conduct an extensive and detailed search, setting up a series of filters such as location, search range from selected location, accommodation type, price, benefits And much more.

The 1st Greek tourist platform ibnb, offers all its services COMPLETELY FREE. However, the page ibnb.gr, its contributors and administrators, do not bear any responsibility for any transactions and communication between its users, regardless of whether it is a natural person, legal entity or company. Your stay on the page and its use implies immediate acceptance of the terms of use, privacy policy and personal data protection.

Depending on your services provided, you can register in the category Services.

Then select the subcategory of the selection and start it create the entry you.

Of course you can. The above categories of businesses and companies can create their entry in the category Services ή Experiences, following the instructions for creating an entry and depending on the services provided.

Each entry is subject to scrutiny by the competent department of ibnb, to ensure the quality, safe and orderly operation of the platform. Usually within 48 hours, a thorough check is completed and then your entry in ibnb is posted.

Whenever one or more changes to an entry are made, the above procedure is similarly followed.

If the user fills in the required fields when creating an entry, can save his progress temporarily and when he is ready to choose to submit the entry for approval.

Ibnb itself does not provide any of the services displayed through its platform, but only creates a communication channel. between platform users and professionals, through encrypted conversations. Only the latter are responsible for the quality of the services they will provide and only with them the respective user of the platform is conventionally connected.

Taking into account all the above, We have created a special form of information, the drafting of which is considered important in the context of a climate of mutual understanding.

In other words, the unprecedented conditions create the need for more specific agreements, in the context of the efforts made to adapt the tourism industry to today's difficult and dangerous reality.

Legally, a waiver of a right in advance renders the agreement invalid. In any case, it is a more specific agreement that could help in a future search for compensation, even if some consider this agreement futile.

You can download the specific forms in Greek and respectively in English here:

Risk Information & Assumption Form

Information and Risk-Taking Form

Civil liability insurance should be the guide for the general protection of both the administrator of a accommodation and the visitor himself.

In any case, we warmly ask all users of the platform, as you carefully read the terms of use and privacy policy that govern our website.

The fastest and most appropriate communication with our helpdesk is his social media message (FB). There is an icon messenger so you can instantly send your queries.This service is available to you throughout 24 hours.

In addition, for general information you can contact our call center on the phones available on our website.

Below you will find videos that will help you complete an entry and can be distinguished according to the procedure you want, as shown in their title.
Alternatively, you can visit our channel at Youtube, by selecting the corresponding icon on our website.

Now you can exchange your accommodation or accommodation with another host and travel like never before!

The exchange takes place by an agreement between the hosts and without the intervention of us.

The type and size of the accommodation does not play a role in the process. The exchange is only in your hand!

All you have to do is register your space, activating the corresponding option!

Then you choose the accommodation that interests you and you can contact immediately, no charges, extra accommodation costs or commitments!

Your stay at any accommodation swap isι completely free!

Keep your money for the activities and not for the place where you will stay!

learn more here!

It should be noted that the platform ibnb is not contractually affiliated with any user of the platform, nor does it provide any kind of guarantee regarding professionals, individuals, legal entities, businesses and any other legal, corporate or entity that chooses to promote services, accommodation and businesses through it. .

We kindly ask all users of the platform to carefully read the terms of use and privacy policies that govern our website.

In the context of our undivided effort to ensure for you an ideal and wonderful experience, we are fully committed to protecting and safeguarding your legitimate interests as well as your fundamental individual rights.

In view of this, we have developed a special network of general rules, principles, protection guarantees and safety valves, which you can search on our platform. In particular, this is a special form - a private agreement, which is signed by those who choose, however, to try the unique experience offered by ¨ibnb - swap¨, and want to protect their property and legitimate interests.

You can do it for free download here, the Special Private Agreement and Information Form .

The form is signed by both hosts, sending it by analog or e-mail!

Thank you for joining the "ibnb Swap" community. Your safety is our priority.

You can learn the terms and conditions of use OVER HERE , while for our platform's privacy policy OVER HERE. We urge you to read them carefully and let us know that


Ibnb.gr is the new reality in the field of tourism and came for to offer an additional tourist promotion channel for free.
With respect to all professionals and non-professionals, we inform you that our goal is the greatest independence and flexibility in managing a reservation.

Thank you for the huge recognition from the very first steps of the platform and we are committed to providing quality services that you deserve as a customer, but also as a professional.

We are evolving every day and we are committed to continuing to do so, serving all users of our services with honesty and respect.

We are always at your disposal, to come out more independent, more united and stronger, while promoting Greek tourism!

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ibnb in partnership with Syncbnb , he assured you XNUMX% discount for XNUMX first months of your subscription, after the trial period, for synchronizing your calendars.

For any clarification, do not hesitate to contact our call center or our website at Facebook.

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