Finally good news - Independent: New 99% reliable antibody test approved for release in Europe

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In an article on the online news site Indepedent, the pharmaceutical company Abbott based in Maidenhead, UK, claims that found the "solution".

A new antibody test for coronary artery detection, which is considered 99% reliable, is expected to be released in Europe by the end of May, as it received the approval of experts.

Abbott, a UK-based company that produces it, has been certified for the test if it has shown that it follows European Union safety rules.

The test recognizes it IgG protein which is produced by the human body when it comes in contact with the coronavirus and can remain in the body for months to years.

Abbott claims that the test was able to detect antibodies to coronavirus infection by 99% 14 days after the person developed symptoms.

With this test, the virus can be detected in people who have no symptoms and have developed immunity to the virus.

If this announcement comes true, it might give “kiss of life”In world tourism and of course in our country.

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