Security key for accommodation managers

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Our platform in collaboration with our excellent legal and legal representative Mrs. Daphne Batsara, with the aim of facilitating and further protecting accommodation managers and professionals, wrote the following: information and risk-taking forms.

Under the exclusive custody of the reported legal attorney in the field of short-term leases and not only, two (02) forms were created which can potentially signed from the visitors of short-term rental of tourist accommodation, but also hotel units. In each case is optional for the client-visitor and we should not insist on that. However, under current civil law, it may be considered invalid, however it does not cease to be an additional security valve that is better to have.

Η Mrs. Batsara mentions features:

"The tourism industry is called upon to offer its services in the shadow of a pandemic crisis. No one disputes that travelers, tourists and consumers, in fact, are a breath of fresh air for the economy. At the same time, however, it is a danger to public health.

It is obvious that the tourism industry is currently providing its services at the core of the unprecedented conditions, which in turn create the need for more specific terms and agreements.

Taking into account all the above, We have created a special form of information for travelers taking the risk, the drafting of which is considered important in the context of a climate of mutual understanding.

In other words, the unprecedented conditions create the need for more specific agreements, in the context of the efforts made to adapt the tourism industry to today's difficult and dangerous reality.

Legally, a waiver of a right in advance renders the agreement invalid. In any case, it is a more specific agreement and my view is that it could help in a future search for compensation, even if some consider this agreement futile. "

You can download the specific forms in Greek and respectively in English here:

Risk Information & Assumption Form

Information and Risk-Taking Form

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