International Press: "Greece is our hope for this year's vacation"!

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Greece is now claiming tourists, according to international media

After its effective treatment coronavirus, our country is preparing for their reopening tourist facilities and its archeological sites, transmit international media.

After successfully reducing the pandemic, Greece is now claiming them τουρίστες, while European officials say that our country is a possible constraint for its citizens this summer. According to the German "Bild", "Hope for this year's holiday comes from Greece."

Greece, adopting some of the strictest measures in Europe, has so far successfully reduced the pandemic and is already claiming tourists, the German weekly Die Zeit reported, according to APE-MPE, noting that hotels will be open from July. and that there are thoughts and extensions of the tourist season until October or November.

"In Greece, the number of cases is lower than in other European countries. That is why the Greek government wants to put tourism ahead as soon as possible. We are discussing how tourists will be secured in each hotel, how they will take care of the guests - even if there are cases, "said the head of TUI Germany.

Marek Andriuszak, however, noted that the Germans should first be allowed to leave their homeland without a travel directive.

The newspaper also reports that the Greek government has set up an Action Group, which is negotiating with tourist groups such as TUI and DER Touristik, the details of a security plan, which includes equipping hotels with antiseptics and preventing large gatherings. both on beaches and in swimming pools. The German newspaper also hosts relevant statements by the Minister of Tourism Thanks Theocharis.

The Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Armin Laset, considers Greece, along with France and the Netherlands, to be a possible destination for German summer vacations, stressing that he does not believe that holidays outside Europe will be possible.

France is lifting restrictions in mid-May, the Netherlands is also nearing the end and Greece has already presented a plan for the summer holidays, while Mallorca has a low number of cases, Mr Lassette told the Bild newspaper. of our country for tourism and points out that "the hope for this year's holiday comes from Greece".

The Christian Democrat (CDU) politician believes that "people will probably spend their summer holidays on European soil - I can't imagine long journeys right now."

Possible tourist destination for Germans

Greece, as a possible tourist destination for Germans, was also mentioned this year by the German Deputy Minister of Economy, Thomas Barais, who is in charge of tourism, emphasizing that the data for the pandemic in our country is evolving favorably.

"If the development of Covid-19 continues like this, summer vacations will be possible in Germany and in European neighboring countries, where the number of cases is also developing positively. We are already holding similar talks with the governments, "the German official told Tagesspiegel, referring specifically to Austria, France, Belgium, Poland and the Netherlands, where one can, he said, arrive by road from Germany.

"But I wouldn't even write about other areas in Europe, e.g. the Balearic Islands or the Greek islands. If there are almost no new cases and medical care is working, one could think about summer vacations there as well ", Mr. Barais stressed and added that discussions are already taking place at the level of the European Union and the World Tourism Organization on which criteria must be met by each region.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz, referring to the opening of the border and the prospects of tourism, said in a statement to Austrian radio that "Greece has done a really good job in the fight against it. coronavirusHe noted that Austria is interested in opening its borders to safe countries.

Britain's The Sun, the UK's largest-circulation tabloid, says this year's quarantine holidays in hotels in Greece will determine in advance which deckchair and table each family will use. The British tourists will probably not like this news at all, the newspaper comments, as it is known that they run very early in the morning to get the best sunbed.

The British The Telegraph also reports that the authorities in some popular European destinations, such as Greece, Sardinia and the Balearic Islands, are openly discussing an "immunity passport" based on the antibody test, which will allow tourists to enter safely.

"The only way to travel to Europe would be for the passport to be linked to the health data of the tracking application, which will be operational soon," the paper said.

Bloomberg news agency quotes Shipping Minister Giannis Plakiotakis as saying that Greek shipping ships are ready to transport visitors to the islands. As soon as tourists are allowed to come, "we have a protocol ready for ferries to Greece for the protection of passengers and crew and their safe transport," the Greek minister said, according to the agency.

Belgian Le Soir reports that the Greek government wants to reopen tourism on July 1, citing a statement by State Minister George Gerapetritis.

Le Figaro cites Frederic Seno, a well-known travel TV presenter on French television, who opened a restaurant in Parikia, Paros, four years ago.

"Many of my friends, acquaintances of mine, who go to Spain or Italy every summer, ask me about Greece.", says Seno in the French newspaper. "They all saw how seriously the Greeks faced the health crisis and they feel that they will be safe if they plan to spend their holidays in Greece," he added.

There is also talk of hotel staff leaving clean towels and sheets outside the room, so guests have to make their own rooms. Hotels will operate at 50% of their capacity, with a step-by-step schedule for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is also considered possible to remove the buffet.

The latest announcements from the global web in the field of tourism, show that Maybe our country is one of the favored countries in the 2020 season.



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