Halkidiki: Flamingos were born for the first time in Greece!

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Flamingos were born for the first time in Greece, in the Agios Mama Lagoon, in Halkidiki, as announced by the Regional Management Agency.

The first young ones to grow up with the care of their parents have already been recorded, while a total of about 180 nests have been recorded, of which we are expected to have 120-140 chicks this year.

The ones nests of palm trees, as the flamingos are called, found in early May Volunteers for Action for Wildlife, however it was crucial to remain the information hidden, in order not to gather visitors and disturb the birds, possibly causing the nests to be abandoned and the reproduction to fail.

The phoenixes, with the scientific name Phoenicopterus roseus, made their appearance in Greece last thirty years and since then their presence has expanded to many wetlands, where they are found in larger numbers in winter. The spring, adults go for it reproduction in Mediterranean colonies (in France, Italy, Spain, Turkey and North Africa). In Greece, efforts have been made to reproduce wetlands such as the Alyki Kitrous Lagoon, Koronia and the Ptelea swamp, but without success.

Agios Mama Lagoon

«The reproduction of palm trees in Agios Mama is a great event, as in the past, they tried to reproduce in other wetlands of our country ", states the Penelope Karagianni, ornithologist and volunteer for Action for Wildlife, which has been monitoring the area in recent years. "In fact, the place they chose for reproduction is very important small but valuable for the biodiversity of St. Mama's wetland, which faces very serious problems from anthropogenic activity within the protected area ".

The president of the Thermaikos Gulf Protected Areas Management Agency, Athena Panagiotou, to whose supervision has been added in recent years, and the Agios Mamas lagoon states: how important it is to protect areas within the Natura 2000 Network and the obligation of all stakeholders, services and citizens to use and manage them properly. "

"This event is something unprecedented and remarkable for Agios Mamas. We must protect wildlife, while upgrading the role of Ag. Mama in the tourist product. The place has and can offer a lot as a new themed tourist destination ", emphasizes Mrs. Papoulidou Athena, owner of a holiday home in the area.


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