Aug. 25
New beginning for accommodations cheaper than ever !!

The pandemic could not leave out Greek tourism, which…

Jul 12
This year's season through the eyes of a Halkidiki resident!

Ibnb exclusively secured an excellent interview with a young…

Jul 03
Halkidiki: Flamingos were born for the first time in Greece!

Flamingos were born for the first time in Greece, in the Lagoon of Agios Mamas, in D.

Jun 18
Positive development: Data reversal for this season in Crete ..?

Much earlier than planned, flights from Sweden to Crete are opening! Such as…

Jun 04
The Greek Summer State of Mind

The promo project, which will be presented today, was officially presented by the government.

Jun 03
Mykonos: The focus for this season may not open!

The reasons for which several of the catering companies that…

Ma 27
Crete | A Privileged Destination

A high security destination, at European level, for foreign visitors…

Ma 25
The Schedule for the Restart of Tourism

The government's plan to restart tourism has been analyzed by the Minister.

Ma 22
the New Grand Manager

Covid-19 and its effects could not leave καί unaffected.

Ma 19
Huge Agreement! | Greece and 10 other countries for safe travel within the EU

Eleven EU member states, including Greece, agreed on Monday to

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