Direct Response of S.O.DIA to the proposal of P.O.X. & Ξ.Ε.Ε. on the suspension of short-term leases

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His answer was immediate Σ.Ο.ΔΙΑ. regarding the recent proposals of the P.O.X. and X.E.E., regarding the suspension of short-term leases, where the association, obviously annoyed by the attitude of the latter, expressed in detail its objections. We quote this press release:

“PRESS RELEASE OF SODIA. (Distribution Economy Association) - 25/04/2020

To our great surprise, we were informed that one of the detailed support measures proposed by the POX to the Government. together with X.E.E. is also the "temporary suspension of short-term leases to any property for reasons of public health in particular."

Unfortunately, the above sentence is one irrational and disgusting frontal attack to the regime of short-term real estate leases, which, in recent years, is flourishing in our country, which, in turn, contributes to the national economy.

Given these, therefore, our thoughts and counter-proposals, seen in the light of the capital good of Public Health and guided by the Public Interest, have the following:

1. The suspension of the short-term lease regime inevitably implies the overcrowding of citizens in hotel units and, consequently, the dangerous outbreak of the virus. It becomes, therefore, completely inactive that their proposal is NOT in accordance with the requirement for the protection of Public Health, deviating, obviously, from the constitutionally guaranteed concept of the Public Beneficiary and the Rule of Law. After all, the continued operation of Airbnb-type apartments will help to avoid bullying, thus reducing the rate of transmission.

2. The recent decision of the Minister of Tourism Mr. Ch. Theocharis, that Short-term lease is not a risk for the spread of the virus It is a proof that our accommodation is safe as they are autonomous units, without common areas and are given to visitors for exclusive use for them. There are now clear instructions for how each administrator should ensure that a clean and safe space for hosting is provided in accordance with EODY guidelines.

3. Finally, throughout the critical days, we offered, with self-denial and undivided understanding, our services to the medical and nursing staff of the whole country, providing them with free accommodation, in order, due to their report, to distance themselves from the their homes and loved ones. This action of ours continues to this day.

In these difficult and unprecedented times for all of us, the only solution is to combine forces for the common good, ie the protection of the precious good of Public Health and Safety. However, this fundamental goal is difficult to achieve when, in the context of a common national struggle, practices of immoral, malicious and harmful competition occur.

The Board of the SODIA Economy Sharing Economy Association. ”

As it is easily understood, the developments will be particularly interesting in the field of tourism, where the joint action and the convergence of the "involved" for the fastest possible reorganization of the tourist product, seems like a utopia.

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