Who we are

Ibnb was created by a team of property managers / small hotel owners, listening to the needs of the wider tourism market, both in Greece and the rest of Europe.

Our goal is initially to partially liberalize and independent accommodation of any kind and size, and to orient them towards making direct bookings.

Η ibnb.gr is a platform for searching, viewing and booking accommodation and experiences, offering the possibility of direct contact of the person / visitor with the accommodation itself, with the aim of making a reservation for his stay.

It is also innovative because for the first time, apart from accommodation and experiences, one can look for businesses and professionals active in the tourism industry and beyond.

Summary of the benefits and services we offer to visitors and listing managers:

For the visitor

Completely for free use of all its services

- Direct client / accommodation communication

- Possibility of booking / viewing availability, benefits and other details of the accommodation or experience

- Ability to critique the accommodation, activity, business or professional they choose or work with

- Ability to request a better price

For the accommodation / business / professional

- 0% commission / unlimited reservations (for accommodations & experiences)

- Calendar synchronization (for accommodation)

- Communicate with interested clients through messages from their ibnb account.

- Listing all intended accommodation, experience, business or professional information, such as contact telephone number, webpage, social media accounts, links to other platforms, and video material.

- The accommodation manager, experience, professional or business, has an amazing dashboard management panel through which they can access and edit statistics about their listing / listings.

- View Listing on ibnb's social media of an entry, at the request of the interested party and then by ibnb if the required conditions are met

- Full management and flexibility in managing payments, fees or any other financial or other transaction, provided that ibnb is not involved throughout the process and it concerns exclusively the administrator and the client.

Ibnb will soon:

- Provides insurance coverage for both visitors and for accommodation, for bookings made through ibnb and beyond,

- It will apply for all mobile devices.

- It will allow the booking to be confirmed by both parties.

- It will provide unlimited opportunities to both apartment and small apartment managers as well as tourism professionals (hoteliers, renters, etc.), such as displaying to millions of visitors through our ever-expanding network of affiliates. (metasearch sites search and price comparison)

- Payments through your ibnb account.

Η ibnb.gr is the leading Greek digital tourism platform, built with professionalism and hard work and where individuals, professionals and businesses can create their listing, coming to direct communication with the client and indeed WITHOUT absolutely no commission, following our subscription model.

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